Inheriting a house from your parents

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Inheritance tax is a complicated area, but the good news is that many people will be able to mitigate a tax charge when they inherit a house from their parent.

Will I have to pay inheritance tax?

If the value of a parent’s estate is below the IHT threshold of £325,000, or £650,000 for married couples and civil partners, where the full allowance is passed to the surviving spouse, you will not have to pay IHT on anything you inherit, including a house.

If the value of the estate is above that amount, you may have to pay tax on the part of the estate above the threshold, at a rate of 40 per cent.

How to mitigate inheritance tax on a parent’s home

An additional allowance – known as the Residence Nil-Rate Band  (RNRB)– was introduced last year and further reduces the IHT charge against a home. It is currently worth an additional £125,000*and will rise each year until it reaches £175,000* in 2020.  It will then rise in line with inflation from 2021 onwards.*RNRB will be reduced for estates in excess of £2m.

This means if someone owns a home and leaves it to their child or grandchild in their will, they can currently pass on £450,000 (£325,000 + £125,000) worth of property and other assets without triggering a tax charge.

For married couples and civil partners the amount doubles to £900,000. The home allowance tapers down gradually if the value of an estate exceeds £2m.

What if my parents are divorced?

This shouldn’t matter – each parent will be able to take advantage of the individual tax allowances above.

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What if the house is ‘gifted’?

If your parents gift you their house at least seven years before their death, it will usually not count towards their estate and no IHT will be due. 

If they gave it to you within seven years, it will most likely attract an IHT charge, if the total estate exceeds the available allowances.

Understand inheritance tax fully with expert advice

Whether you’re a parent or you’ve just been bequeathed an inheritance, it pays to take professional advice to minimize your tax liability.

Tax rules are complex and a wrong move could trigger a wholly avoidable tax charge.

Protect your loved ones from unnecessary taxes with professional advice from theTelegraph’s Inheritance Tax Advice Service.

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